Pallet Trucks

Offers a complete line of robust, durable pallet trucks. These trucks are designed to fit a full range of applications, within almost any type of industry. The line starts with the PHT 50 Series hand pallet truck, which has beeb recognised for its exceptional versatility and durability. Hundreds of thousands of Crown hand pallet trucks are in use around the globe today. Our hand pallet trucks demonstrate Crown’s commitment to qualitty, providing years of use at a very affirdable cost.

The WP 2300 Series pallet trucks are designed for the space constraints of shipping and receiving docks or any area where the ultimate in manoeuvrability is required.

Award-winning rider pallet trucks lead the industry for both low-level order picking and high-speed transporting. Key operator productivity features are designed and engineered into thw end-controlled WT 3000 Series, the stand or sit-down RT 3500 Series, the centre-controlled GPC 3000 Series or the side-stance rider PR 4500 Series. The pallet truck line also includes the TC 3000 Series, a rugged tow tractor.