About Us


P.W.S IKE employs experienced personnel and is active in logistics, manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

PWS’s goal is to establish itself as the leading Company for the design and implementation of integrated warehousing and handling systems for goods and merchandise by providing products and services that add value in the business of our customers, increasing productivity and reducing the total cost of storage and handling of materials and merchandise.

The philosophy of P.W.S is anthropocentric. It approaches the customer-business needs with respect, it analyzed them, designs and offers personalized solutions tailored to the needs of each business.


P.W.S’s range of products includes products from the largest manufacturing companies of material and merchandise storage and handling equipment systems recognized internationally for the high quality of their products:

  • CROWN Electric Lifting Equipment
  • ATRES Handling Equipment
  • ATRES Certified Fire Proof Doors
  • ROSSS Certified Storage Systems and Metal Shelves


P.W.S’s integrated services, based on its years of experience and know-how, fully meet the needs of its customers, based on the three-fold SAFETY – ECONOMY – ERGONOMY-PRODUCTIVITY, creating reliable business partnerships:

Full service contract
Accumulators & chargers
Operators Training
Service of machinery (regular maintenance)
Needs analysis and equipment design

Our headquarters are located in our own offices in the area of ​​Nikaia, Attica.