Modular Mecano Mezzanine

Modular Mecano Mezzanine

Thanks to its bolted structure it does not require the help of special means to be mounted and also allows the adjustments that are often necessary at the time of installation.

The wide range of available sections, both for the beams to the columns, allows to safely build multi-storey mezzanines and higher structures, with further capacity performance and with more free spans, with consequent great advantages of specific uses.

Modular and easy to install

Thanks to the bolted structure, Mecano does not require any special means for installation and, as is often required, can also be adapted at the time of installation.

Ideal formulti-level systems

The extensive range of available sections, including beams and columns, allows structures and multi-level mezzanines to be built with greater heights, greater load bearing capacities and more free openings, with the subsequent advantages that this brings in terms of usage.

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MAX LOAD CAPACITY 1.000 kg/sqmt
MAX HEIGHT according configuration
MIN HEIGHT 2,20 mt
BEAM LENGHTS max 12 mt
COLUMNS DIMENSIONS 120x120 - 150x150 - 200x200 mm
COL. STEEL THICKNESS 3,0 - 4,0 - 5,0 - 6,0 - 8,0 mm
FINISHING powder painting grey RAL 7038