Fast-opening flexible doors are ideal for all compartments with frequent rapid passages. The closing panel consists of a special, reinforced PVC tarpaulin that allows opening and closing speeds of up to 1 meter/second. Remotely controlled (by radar, photocell, radio receiver, etc.), they automatically open and close in a few seconds and allow passing through the doors without cold, heat, wind, dust, etc. entering from the outside or passing from one environment to the other.

REI 120 - 180 One or two leaves sliding fire entrance doors

REI 120 (REI 180 upon request) sliding fire entrance doors conforming to the UNI 9723 standard consisting of:

– Leaves made with continous modular panels in pre-painted, galvanized steel sheet assembled with upper and lower joints, having a thickness of 98 mm
– Galvanized steel upper guide
– Sliding saddles with bearings
– Covering case for the upper guide
– Tight ground sliding bearings, placed beyond the opening
– Closing counter-weights built in a pre-painting sheet case

– Built-in handles on both sides
– Side and upper smoke shield labyrinths
– Rabbet and lower heat-expansion gaskets
– Door identification plate
– Aytomatic counter-weight closing system with thermal fuses calibrated to 70oC, the door is free to slide manually, in case of fire the counter-weight the leaf, independently of its position
– Standard stroke-end cushioning and speed governors on large sized doors
– Manufactured in all dimensions upon request
– Standard color RAL 7035 grey