Fast-opening flexible doors are ideal for all compartments with frequent rapid passages. The closing panel consists of a special, reinforced PVC tarpaulin that allows opening and closing speeds of up to 1 meter/second. Remotely controlled (by radar, photocell, radio receiver, etc.), they automatically open and close in a few seconds and allow passing through the doors without cold, heat, wind, dust, etc. entering from the outside or passing from one environment to the other.

REI 60 - 120 fire entrance doors with leaves

REI 60 or REI 120 leaf fire entrance doors conforming to the UNI 9723 standard consisting of:

– Painted and galvanized sheet veneered leaves, with insulation toteal thickness 60 mm
– Angular frame with no lower rabbet made of painted and galvanized sheet profile with flasks to wall
– Safety handle with lock
– Sealing guards in the leaf rabbet on the hinge side
– No. 2 hinges per leaf, one of which with shutting spring
– Leaves prearrenged for the application of door checks and panic bars
– Heat-expansion gasket in a suitable built-in housing
– Door indentification plate
– Painting with embossed scratch-resistant finishing; standard RAL 7035 grey colo, or pastel turqoise
– Weight of the door about 37 kg/m2 (REI 60) and about 46 kg/m2 (REI 120)
– Maximum sizes mm. 2.540 x h 2.670 (wall hole)


– Ral colors upon request – Panic bar
– Door check – REI glass transparent portholes