Man-Up Trucks

Crown’s man-up trucks are designed to fulfil material handling needs in a wide variety of applications and environments. Our designers and engineers create these products to exceed your expectations for product put-away, order picking and numerous work assist tasks, including inventory cycle counting, building maintenance and more. The product line includes the WAV 50 Work Assist Vehicle, SP 3500 high level order pickers and TS/TSP turret trucks.

The WAV 50 Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary, mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplish what normally takes two people.

The SP 3500 Series order pickers combine speed,handling and truck stability, letting operators work productively and confidently at reach heights up to 11.3 metres. The SP 3500 Four-Point order pickers are designed for exceptional durability and performance in handling non-standard loads.

Crown designs and enginneers its turret trucks for full pallet handling or a combination of case picking and pallet handling.All man-up trucks can be equipped to operate in very narrow aisle (VNA) applications for maximum cube utilisation.