Self-supporting Autoportanti

Self-supporting Autoportanti

ROSSS self-supporting structures are made with IRON FIST and IRON REX, exclusive ROSSS products that provide improved performance and security. IRON FIST represents the ideal solution for mid-range capacity and height facilities, located in low seismic risk areas.

IRON REX, thanks to its innovative structural design, which allows a high seismic energy dissipation capacity, is the best choice for self-supporting facilities located in earthquake risk areas; its closed tubular profiles confer greater stability and resistance to structures and allow the creation of systems of considerable height. The assembly of IRON REX is made simpler and easier by the complete bolting of the structure.

Differentiated solutions based on specific requirements

ROSSS self-supporting structures are constructed using IRON FIST and IRON REX, products exclusive ROSSS that provide increased performance and safety. IRON FIST is the ideal solution for self-supporting systems ofmediumheight and load capacity in low risk seismic areas.

The guides, constructed with greater thickness and using double folds, increase the load capacity and the safety provided by IRON FIST DRIVE IN as well as allowing a greater distance between the retainers, which in turn helps keep costs down.